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Introducing Kannaway’s Inaugural Red Carpet Event!

Friday March 24th & Saturday March 25th

Join us for the Kannaway Inaugural Red Carpet Event at our new location in Vista, CA. It's the perfect place to meet Corporate Executives, Top Field Leaders, MFIT Coach Owen McKibbin, and Por Grace benefactors. You won’t want to miss the facility tour, Kannaway Store, Product and Business training, and of course, the Recognition will be unforgettable!

We look forward to meeting in person at our two-day extravaganza! This is a great opportunity to spend time surrounded by people who are as energized and supportive of your success as you are! See you there!


"Leaders are born at these events. That was definitely the case with us. At our first Kannaway event we made a decision that took us to where we are today."

- Sue Wilkinson

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